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  Qualification certification  
  Shenghong electrical equipment has obtained a series of certificates such as quality management system certificate, occupational health and safety management system certificate and environmental management system certificate...  
  Product series  
  Shenghong electrical equipment products include non alkali glass fiber cloth, non alkali glass fiber yarn, non alkali glass fiber belt, non alkali glass fiber rope, PP tear mesh filling rope, flame retardant non-woven fabric, etc...  
  Manufacturing capacity  
  Shenghong electrical equipment understands the important role of product quality in the market, so we have always insisted on strictly controlling every production link and every process...  
  About us  
  Suqian Sheng Hongxin Mstar Technology Ltd has a long history in the East China textile base - Suqian River Industrial Park (Yuan Zhuo Wei, the company producing canvas) south of Xinyang Expressway 1.5 kilometers (through the Beijing Shanghai high-speed, high-speed, salt xusu ningsuxu Expressway). The company covers an area of 11000 square meters and has a standard workshop of 4200 square meters...  
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  Quality assurance  
  With excellent quality and qualification as proof, Shenghong electrical equipment has won the recognition of the same industry and non same industry with scientific management...  

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