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 Product classification

  Alkali free glass fiber cloth
  Alkali free glass fiber yarn
  Alkali free glass fiber ribbon
  Alkali free glass fiber rope
  PPTear mesh filler cord
  Flame retardant nonwoven fabric
 Company announcement

Suqian Sheng Hongxin Mstar Technology Ltd has a long history in the East China textile base - Suqian River Industrial Park (Yuan Zhuo Wei, the company producing canvas) south of Xinyang Expressway 1.5 kilometers (through the Beijing Shanghai high-speed, high-speed, salt xusu ningsuxu Expressway). The company covers an area of 11000 square meters and has a standard workshop of 4200 square meters. The existing 1511 types of special glass fiber loom 228 Taiwan (sets), 150 type jet loom 24 Taiwan (sets), alkali free glass fiber for a warping machine 6 sets, 24 sets of weaving machines (sets), winding equipment 6 Taiwan (sets), professional large extrusion equipment 2 Taiwan (sets). Our main production of alkali free glass fiber cloth, alkali free glass fiber tape, fiber glass yarn, cable E-glass fiber rope, PP rope, tear filled with flame retardant non-woven mesh and a series of insulation, filling, reinforced with new material.
The company has strong technical strength, standardization, strict management, product performance indicators have reached the national standard. The product is mainly used for electrical insulating mica products, carbon fiber fabric, fabric products, wire and cable products in low voltage electric wire filling winding products, products are widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail, wire and cable, electrical, electronic, leisure products (fishing rod, bicycle, tennis racket, etc.) and other industries and fields. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and 28001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
Sheng Hongren has been adhering to the new and old customers with high quality products and services, we would like to go hand in hand, mutual benefit and win-win, create brilliant tomorrow!
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  Quality management

Standard for partially E-glass fiber cloth

1. E-glass fiber cloth (referred to as non alkali cloth) suitable for electrical insulation materials with enhanced mica products, cloth and glass steel etc..
Two, technical requirements

2. non alkali cloth adopts aluminum borosilicate glass, its alkali metal oxide content is not more than 0.5%.

3. glass fiber raw yarn, the use of textile type (paraffin emulsion) wetting agent, its content is not greater than
2.2%. If other types of immersion agents or other contents are changed, the supply and demand shall be decided by both parties.
4. specifications and physical and mechanical properties of the alkali free fabric shall comply with the requirements of the following table.

5. the classification rules for non alkali fabrics shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the JC280 - 80 glass fiber fabric classification regulation.
Three. Acceptance specification and test methods

6. acceptance regulations and test methods for non alkaline fabrics shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of JC 176-80 glass fiber testing methods.
Four packing, marking, transportation and storage

7. non alkali cloth should be closely and neatly wrapped in hard paper tube, paper tube with inner diameter of 32 mm to 35 mm, no cloth folding and uneven phenomenon, each volume of non alkali cloth with strong, soft sealing packing material and packing, with glue.

8. each cloth should be labeled product inspection certificate,

(1) name of manufacturing plant,

(2) codes, grades and main uses of products;

(3) length, weight and number of segments;

(4) this marked number;

(5) stamped quality inspection stamp,

(6) production date or batch number.

9. packaged non alkali cloth, should be installed in the drying box or similar packaging box, box should be lined with waterproof paper and its gap with soft, dry plugged packaging materials.

10. the packing box must be marked:

(1) name of manufacturing plant;

(2) codes, grades and main uses of products;

(3) volume and net weight;

(4) this standard number;

(5) production date or batch number,

(6) "handle with care", "do not damp" and so on

11. non alkali cloth with a dry van box or transport vessel. {$page$}

12., no alkali cloth must be placed in the natural conditions of dry and ventilated housing storage.
Yarn number x number of shares
Product code (metric count, number of shares) single fibre nominal diameter, thickness, width
(micron) millimeter centimeter
Warp, weft, warp, weft, +1.5
EW40 4 x 26 x 155.5, 0.040, 90
(alkali free cloth -40) (250/2) (167/1) + 0.005 -0
EW60 6 x 26 x 25.5, 5.5, 0.060
(alkali free cloth -60) (167/2) (167/2) + 0.005
EW90 12 x 224 x 15.58 0.090
(alkali free cloth -90) (83.3/2) (41.6/1) + 0.010
EW100A 12 x 212 x 25.5, 5.5, 0.100
(alkali free cloth -100A) (83.8/2) (83.3/2) + 0.010, 90 + 1.5;
EW100B 12 x 224 * 15.58, 0.100, 100 + 1.5
(alkali free cloth -100B) (83.3/2) (41.6/1) + 0.010
EW110 12 x 212 x 35.5, 5.5, 0.110
(alkali free cloth -110) (83.3/2) (83.3/3) + 0.010
EW140 24 x 224 * 2880.140
(alkali free cloth -140) (41.6/2) (41.6/2) + 0.015
EW200 24 x 324 * 3880.200
(alkali free cloth -200) (41.6/3) (41.6/3) + 0.020 {$page$}
Breaking strength
Weight, density, kg / strip, nominal twist, organization, main use
G / m [2] root / cm 25 * 100 twist / M
The warp is not less than the warp weft
Meridional zonal
27 + 420 + 118 + 1201412055 plain mica product base cloth
52 + 520 + 122 + 22828120120 plain cloth fabric
85 + 818 + 116 + 14530 55/110 55 plain cloth fabric, fiberglass fabric
100 + 1020 + 120 + 25050110110 plain glass fiber reinforced plastic base cloth
100 + 1020 + 120 + 25040 55/110 55 plain glass fiber reinforced plastic base cloth
100 + 1020 + 113.5 + 15050110 55/110 plain glass fiber reinforced plastic base cloth
135 + 1416 + 112 + 17550110 55/110 plain glass fiber reinforced plastic base cloth
200 + 2016 + 112 + 110075110110 plain glass fiber reinforced plastic base cloth

plastic base cloth

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