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Suqian Sheng Hongxin Mstar Technology Ltd has a long history in the East China textile base - Suqian River Industrial Park (Yuan Zhuo Wei, the company producing canvas) south of Xinyang Expressway 1.5 kilometers (through the Beijing Shanghai high-speed, high-speed, salt xusu ningsuxu Expressway). The company covers an area of 11000 square meters and has a standard workshop of 4200 square meters. The existing 1511 types of special glass fiber loom 228 Taiwan (sets), 150 type jet loom 24 Taiwan (sets), alkali free glass fiber for a warping machine 6 sets, 24 sets of weaving machines (sets), winding equipment 6 Taiwan (sets), professional large extrusion equipment 2 Taiwan (sets). Our main production of alkali free glass fiber cloth, alkali free glass fiber tape, fiber glass yarn, cable E-glass fiber rope, PP rope, tear filled with flame retardant non-woven mesh and a series of insulation, filling, reinforced with new material.
The company has strong technical strength, standardization, strict management, product performance indicators have reached the national standard. The product is mainly used for electrical insulating mica products, carbon fiber fabric, fabric products, wire and cable products in low voltage electric wire filling winding products, products are widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail, wire and cable, electrical, electronic, leisure products (fishing rod, bicycle, tennis racket, etc.) and other industries and fields. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and 28001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
Sheng Hongren has been adhering to the new and old customers with high quality products and services, we would like to go hand in hand, mutual benefit and win-win, create brilliant tomorrow!
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China's glass fiber industry is higher  2012-7-31 7:31:36  Click through rate:2357

Glass fiber is a non-metallic material with excellent properties of inorganic, if the main glass ball or waste glass as raw materials by high temperature melting, wire drawing, winding and weaving into the manufacturing process. Have good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength and strength, usually used as reinforcing material, electrical insulating materials, circuit board and other various fields of the national economy and insulation materials in composite materials.
The development speed of China's fiberglass industry is much higher than the world average. Glass fiber production accounted for less than 10% of the world's total, up from 54% in 2000 to 2010. China is the world's largest consumer of glass fiber, in 2011, China's consumption of glass fiber yarn 310 thousand tons, an increase of 15.28%. Glass fiber applications are particularly widespread, accompanied by national related industries revitalization plan and infrastructure equipment (equipment related doors and windows information) investment increased, the industry will usher in new opportunities for development.
Pu Pu consulting building materials industry analysts believe that with the acceleration of the pace of the world's industrial modernization process, the development and application of glass fiber industry consumer technology continues to expand, becoming a new feature of the development of the industry.
Following the development trend of glass fiber industry development:
First, the comprehensive utilization of glass fiber industry needs become stronger. To satisfy different functional requirements, glass fibers of different components are required. From the point of view of development, it is necessary to take into account both manufacturability and functionality in the process of imagining new functions of fiber;
Two, deepen the law of new material research and development. The new function of glass fiber excavation requires the composition and nature to obtain the effect. The whole process is a complex new material development process, which needs to be demonstrated according to its basic characteristics.
Three, attention should be paid to application technology development and post order improvement. Material quality is relative, there is no universal material. For a new kind of glass fiber, we should pay attention to the modification after modification, in order to improve the development of new functional glass fiber.
According to Champoux consulting released "2011-2016 China glass fibre and its products market analysis depth Research Report" shows that the main application field of glass fiber is the first air field, with the change of market development, power transmission equipment (equipment related information, doors and windows) the emerging field of transportation increased fast.

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